Accommodation with the best regional water

Sustainable & environmentally conscious

The Best Water Hotels are 4- and 5-star accommodations and have the best water thanks to the patented BWT technology. From lobby to restaurant, wellness area and gym to your room: In the Best Water Hotels you enjoy high-quality water from the region.
Hand unter Wasser Hand unter Wasser

Your stay at Best Water Hotels

FEEL, SEE & TASTE the difference


Start your stay with a welcome sip of the best water, mineralized with magnesium. Visit the spa area and immerse yourself in soothing BWT pearl water. The best BWT water accompanies you throughout your stay and ensures that you feel especially good during your time out.

More taste. More comfort. More sustainability. The Best Water Hotels not only offer you the highest level of enjoyment in every form, but also handle the elixir of life, water, in a particularly responsible manner. Together with BWT, the hotels transform regional water into magnesium mineralized water (also with zinc release) or silky smooth BWT pearl water in the shower or pool. Best of all, by treating the regional water, resources are used sparingly with the important elixir of life.

There are many reasons to choose a Best Water Hotel

By the way: Many of the innovative BWT solutions that you get to know in the Best Water Hotels are also available for your home. So you can turn your personal home into the "Best Water Home". This benefits you, your family and, of course, the environment.

our Stories

Perlwasser in Dusche und Bad Perlwasser in Dusche und Bad
BWT pearl water in the shower and bath
Entspannung pur im BWT Perlwasser Entspannung pur im BWT Perlwasser
Pure relaxation in BWT pool water
Mehr Geschmack im Glas Mehr Geschmack im Glas
More taste in the glass with magnesium
Using regional water in an eco-friendly way