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This is how you also become a Best Water Hotel
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Hotel classifications, star ratings, toques and numerous awards: Hotel and restaurant businesses strive for recognition, appreciation and reward. What if you could present your range of services to your guests in a different way?

Become part of a new differentiation for accommodation establishments and get awarded – Best Water Hotel. Feel, taste and see the diffe­rence!

The added value of a Best Water Hotel

Feel the difference ...
Paar Schwimmbecken
Paar Schwimmbecken

Requirements for a Best Water Hotel

How do I become a Best Water Hotel? What criteria have to be fulfilled so that I can offer guests the best possible stay?

Best Water Hotels combine the best 4 and 5-star hotels with the best water in the most sustainable and resource-saving way possible. Because water is a valuable commodity and should be valued accordingly.

Advantages for guest and hotel

Guests can feel the difference especially in the hotel's wellness area. To be classified as a Best Water Hotel, you have the option of treating your water with BWT pool technology. This way, your guests immerse themselves in silky-soft BWT pool pearl water.

Your added value: limescale deposits are reduced, pool active ingredients can be used more efficiently. As a result, you save on maintenance costs. BWT pearl water in the bathroom turns every hotel stay into a true beauty secret for skin and hair. Water mineralised with magnesium additionally provides refreshing drinking pleasure in the spa and wellness area.

Woman enjoying a bath

Make your hotel more attractive

Whether in the lobby, in the restaurant or in the rooms - a welcome drink with BWT magnesium mineralised water or, for those who want it with flavour, with the beWell+15 essences from the AQAdrink water dispensers immediately creates a good mood on arrival.

A promise in advance: your guests will not only see the difference, but also taste it. In the restaurant or at the bar, BWT's mineralised water is the ideal accompaniment to food.

As a Best Water Hotel, you can provide your guests with a carafe of magensium mineralised water at all times.


Man smiling in the bathroom mirror

Behind the scenes

BWT technology for kitchens, building services and laundries.

As a Best Water Hotel, you benefit from BWT technology. BWT pearl water gives you shiny dishes, crystal-clear glasses, soft laundry and a longer service life for technical equipment such as steam cookers, dishwashers and washing machines.

Thanks to BWT technology, hotel businesses can save energy costs, protect the installation system and reduce maintenance intervals. In addition, systems from BWT offer the highest level of hygienic safety.

Wasseroptimierung Spültechnik

DAS EDELWEISS, Großarl, Salz­burg

"Not only is drinking water the most important foodstuff, but also the decisive flavour carrier when it comes to coffee and tea, for example. Our guests therefore have access to BWT water throughout the new resort and BWT pool pearl water in the wellness area."

Hote­lier, Peter Hettegger jun.

To the hotel
Peter Hettegger jun.,

Well­ness­hotel Egger­wirt****s, St. Michael im Lungau

"I'm always fascinated when you make the best out of what you have. BWT technology succeeds in doing this with the element of water. BWT turns local water into silky smooth, pH-neutral and limescale-free pool pearl water. It bubbles away in our exclusive indoor pool."

Hote­lier, Albert Moser

To the hotel
Albert Moser